I am naturally an introvert and I have a strong connection to earth elements.I was born under a full moon, and I am a Sun in Sagittarius, Moon in Cancer, and Ascendent in Aries. My lineage goes back to the Yoruban tribe in Africa which has strong roots in spiritual traditions. I grow and use plants and herbs daily, and nature is my church. I can usually be found in my apartment conjuring plant medicine, outside hugging a tree, or reading my favorite books.

Healing is a multifaceted process that involves mind, body, and soul. After spending most of life studying the healing arts, herbalism, and eventually clinical counseling in graduate school, I found my way out of trauma from my childhood, and I began the process of healing my body of autoimmune issues through herbalism, diet, and spirituality. Holistic health has always been my focus when working with clients with substance abuse and mental health issues, and it is a mode of thinking that I live by day to day. I started ApothecarySpirit to create a space to share my knowledge of plant medicine, metal health concepts, and spiritual lessons that can be used to enhance the lives of others, and to help them manifest the life that they desire. My intention is that the letters of love on my website will inspire self reflection, self love, and a healing journey for you.